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Rice flour, also called "Kanzarashi," is made of glutinous rice. In the old times it was produced in the depths of winter where people can get running water, but now we can manufacture the flour all year round. First, we polish the glutinous rice, next, we put them into water until it becomes soft. Then we grind the glutinous rice together with water. After that we de-water and compress it to make a white ball shape. The ball shape is made into smaller round shapes and dried. Rice flour with good quality should be white, shiny, completely dried and minute. When we boil the rice flour it becomes not only soft but also elastic. The rice balls which don’t become hard when they are cooled after boiling are of good quality. It has a smooth taste and it is typically used to wrap materials for high-quality Japanese sweets.

Shiratamako (白玉粉 Shiratama ko) Premium Glutinous Rice Flour for making Mochi, Da